D o n   R e a

My title at Bucknell University is Web Application Developer. I am a member of the Web Development Team, which has the interesting distinction of being a small workgroup split between two departments (and in fact, between two divisions). I am, on the org chart, a member of the Database Integration Team (DBIT), a part of Information Services and Resources, a department of Academic Affairs, while the other four members of the group are in the Division of Communications. I am the primary technical resource for Roberta Sims, the University Webmaster.

My current duties include creating programming and "glue" between applications, helping to beat our Web Content Management System into submission, and maintaining some baseline of usability and security among our many homegrown web applications. I recently negotiated the purchase of a commercial payment back end, created and maintained by actual experts, to replace my hand-rolled online payment gateway (which is working fine, but which I do not have resources to continue developing).

Many people have asked me about the rotating quotations at the top of this document. It's all done client-side with embedded JavaScript. If you'd like to copy the script and use it yourself, please do. If you're familiar with JavaScript you'll find it very easy to understand and modify—it's not complicated. Even if you don't know any JavaScript, you can just paste it as-is into your HTML document and simply replace the quotations and links with your own. You'll have to "Save As" a local copy to see the scripting, if you're using certain fourth-generation browsers; "View Source" will only display the output of the script.

The "Made With EMACS" graphic is original with me, and I hereby grant to anyone who uses GNU EMACS for HTML authoring permission to use it. Please grab your own copy—mine might not always be available!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or donations:

Made with EMACS don@pennyfarthing.com (Penny Farthing Projects is my consulting business)

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