Mech 353           TECH  NOTES         Solid Mechanics
                                      Marconi Towers on Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
     Check here often for recent information important to MECH 353 students: 


     8/21/98 - Classes are starting. Your first lab meeting will be a workshop on solution 
                     techniques for problems in Statics. Bring a pad of paper and a calculator to Dana . 
     8/24/98 - Homework Set #1 due on Monday, August 31. (No Quiz on this day.) 
                     Homework Set #2 due on Wednesday, September 2. 
     8/26/98 - I have gotten a great room for our lectures...Taylor 113. We will meet there on 
                    Friday at 9:00. 
      9/2/98 - The solutions for Set #1 are on the web. Click on problem numbers in Syllabus. 
                    Note: There will be a short quiz on Monday on Chapter 1 material. 
      9/6/98 - Because homeworks are due in on Mondays, I have decided to make Wednesdays 
                    our short quiz days. No quiz tomorrow. 
      9/14/98 - ***IMPORTANT***Note if you have not signed up for a time to install your 
                     practice gage, please stop by my office or send me an email to find a time soon. 
      9/22/98 - The Hwk/Quiz due date has been changed to Friday - 9/25/98. 
      9/24/98 - Homework Set #5 will be due on Wednesday - 9/30/98, then we should be back 
                     on track for homeworks due on Mondays again. 
      9/29/98 - Beam Bending Lab Report should be written in long memo format. (Prof. Knisely 
                      handed out the lab report formats document earlier this semester.)  If you did not 
                      get one, come to my office to pick-up one. 
                     Note Due dates:  Thursday Lab Group:  Monday, October 5; 
                                                Tuesday Lab Group:  Wednesday, October 7. 
      10/1/98 - Again the homework, Set #6, will be due on Wednesday - 10/7/98 - not Monday. 
      10/8/98 - Mid-Term Exam will be on Monday - 10/19/98.(Bring one 8 1/2 by 11 page 
      10/20/98 - Bonus Questions due on Friday - 10/23; Hwk. from Chap. 10 due next Monday. 
      10/29/98 - Late assignments: It is my policy to accept late homework and lab assignments. 
                       However a penalty will be assessed. In general though an assignment done well but 
                       late will receive a better grade than one done poorly and turned in on time. Clearly 
                       one done well and on time will receive the best mark. With that having been said 
                       the following due dates are formally written here as they were announced in class: 
                       Soda Can and Tensile Test Combined Lab Report: 
                                                  Thursday Lab Group:  Wednesday, October 28; 
                                                   Tuesday Lab Group:  Monday, November 2. 
                        Dynamic Testing Plan - Partnership Reports: 
                                                  Rough Draft Version - 
                                                  Thursday Lab Group:  Thursday, October 29; 
                                                  Tuesday Lab Group:  Tuesday, November 3. 
                                                  Final Draft Version -  Following Lab Period for Each Group. 
       11/29/98 - Eric: Look here for the solution we were seeking. 
       12/17/98 - Today is the Final. Plan to come to Dana 237 at 3:15 p.m. If there is no final 
                         taking  place there, we will use that room. BRING YOUR TEXTBOOK.
                         See   you there.  Prof. Rich