Mech 353           TECH  NOTES         Solid Mechanics
What does the Titanic have to do with Solid Mechanics?
                            MECH 353 SYLLABUS 

                                                         Fall Semester  1998 
     Lectures:  M-W-F,  9-10 am:  Dana 127 
     Laboratories: T-R  (Check Section)  Dana 5 

     Book:  Mechanics of Materials  
                by R.C. Hibbler, 
                3rd Edition, Prentice Hall, 1997. 

     Course goal: This course is intended to give students a firm foundation in the theory and application of solid  mechanics. The Description as indicated in the University Catalog: "Introduction to continuum mechanics for elastic and elastic-plastic solids. Torsional, bending, thermal and dynamic loading. Yield Criteria, residual stresses, shakedown and stress concentrations." 

     Weekly Topics: 

     Week   1 - Review of Statics; Stress at A Point 
     Week   2 - Three Dimensional Stress; Transformation 
     Week   3 - Strain at a Point 
     Week   4 - Strain Transformation and Measurement 
     Week   5 - Material Properties - Hooke's Law 
     Week   6 - Bending
     Week   7 - Axial Loads; Thermal Stresses  
     Week   8 - Torsion 
     Week   9 - Stress Concentrations; Residual Stresses 
     Week 10 - Combined Loadings; Pressure Vessels 
     Week 11 - Design of Beams and Shafts 
     Week 12 - Dynamic Loading 
     Week 13 - Buckling of Columns 
     Week 14 - Plastic Yielding