James Joyce Seminar Oral Report Schedule, Fall 2016

Oral reports should take approximately ten minutes, with some time afterwards for questions and discussion. Please do not allow presentations to run way over the allotted time; an over-long presentation is almost always a poorly-organized presentation. You may choose your own topic or sign up for one of those that I've listed (though you should clear your ideas for presentations with me). You should meet with me about the topic and do some research to prepare for your presentation. Topics may concern biographical, political, cultural, artistic, psychological, or philosophical questions. Feel free to prepare a brief handout or a PowerPoint presentation to accompany your oral report. Please inform your colleagues about the principal sources you used in preparing your presentation.

These topic ideas are meant to serve as suggestions for oral report topics and dates. Often, good reports come out of particular students' interests as they may relate to the topic of the seminar or the individual student's plan of studies. Please feel free to suggest other interesting topics that occur to you.

When you have decided on a topic, please e-mail me and I will reserve it for you -- first come, first served.


Pre-texts of A Portrait (including Stephen Hero) — September 5:

The Bildungsroman tradition and A Portrait of the Artist — September 7: Elyse Pfleger

Joyce's Patrons — September 14:

The Textual Controversies of Ulysses — September 19:

Ulysses and the "Little Magazine" — September 21:

Joyce and Censorship — September 26: Caroline Fassett

The "Stream of Consciousness" or Interior Monologue Technique : Description, intellectual and literary backgrounds —September 21: Courtney Buckworth

Joyce and Judaism — September 28:

Joyce's Orientalism — October 3:

Joyce and Consumer Culture — October 12: Leah Murphy

Joyce and Journalism — October 12:

Joyce and Translation — October 17: Echo Tong

Joyce and Shakespeare — October 19:

The Joyce of Music — October 26: Molly Brown

Joyce and Nationalism — October 31: Anna Schmoll

Joyce and the Visual Arts — November 2: Izzy Hinckley

Joyce and Film — November 7: Chris D'Aliso

Joyce, the Brothel, and Venereal Disease — November 9: Greg Caso

Joyce and Sado-Masochism — November 14: Will Simonson

Joyce and Psychoanalysis — November 14: Dante Fresse

Joyce and the "New Physics" (Einstein, Quantum Theory, Chaos Theory) — November 28: Matt Butler

Feminism and Joyce — November 30: Amanda Relick

Finnegans Wake — December 8:


Joyce and Hypertext

Joyce and Consumer Culture

Joyce and Virginia Woolf

Postcolonial Joyce

Postructural Joyce

Joyce, Socialism, and Marxism

Ireland after Joyce

The Novel after Joyce


Ancillary texts = Exiles, Joyce's Poems, Critical Writings, and Speeches

Joycean influence(s)--Joyce and other authors (Nietzsche, Henri Bergson, William Blake, W. B. Yeats, Samuel Beckett, William Faulkner, and others)

Joyce and Italy, Switzerland, or Paris

Joyce's reading -- especially the "Trieste Library"

Joyce and drama -- "high" and "low"