This assignment asks you to immerse yourself in one poem, learning it by heart and becoming familiar with the way(s) it "works." I want you to memorize the poem, but also to type it out (leaving plenty of space on the page and annotate it, marking significant repetitions, syntactical oddities, rhyme scheme, and stressed and unstressed syllables, identifying the predominant metric pattern of the poem, identifying the type of poem it is (if it falls into a category such as sonnet, ottava rima, etc.) and identifying any significant allusions to other literature, myths, political figures, etc.

On the day we come to your poem, you must recite and explicate your poem for the class. You will recite your poem from memory, and then explain its workings as suggested above, turning in your typed and scanned version of the poem and a short paper (approximately 3-5 pages) that explains your close reading. You should be prepared to answer some questions about the poem

You may choose any poem in the textbook for this assignment, including poems on the syllabus. I would like the poem you choose to be at least 14 lines long. If you would like to do a poem not included in the textbook, please check with me first.