English 101: Introduction to Fiction

Professor John Rickard

Fall 2011

This course will focus on storytelling as one important way of seeing and understanding (and perhaps even changing) the world.  We will read a selection of short stories and a novella or two, mostly dating from the early nineteenth century to the present, exploring the various uses and shapes of fiction and trying to understand the expectations such forms raise. We will also consider the ways writers conform to and violate those expectations. In our reading, discussion, and writing we will develop the vocabulary and skills connected with the analysis of literary texts.


Reaction Paper Assignment

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Paper 1 Assignment

Paper 2 Assignment

Research Paper Assignment

Online Dictionaries and Style and Grammar Guides:

Jack Lynch's Guide to Grammar and Style

Jack Lynch's Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors

Patient Griselda's Grammar Guide, from Meredith College

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Grammar Handbook

The Ultimate Writer's Guide -- Thanks to Beth Santos for suggesting this page

Common Errors in English, by Paul Brians

The Elements of Style (1918) -- William Strunk's classic guide to writing style