Focus Poem Schedule, ENLS 326/626 Fall 2017

Please e-mail me when you wish to reserve a date or poem

I am open to other suggestions; focus poems for presentations must be at least twelve lines long


September 7

September 1913 (32 lines):

The Dolls:

September 12

The Wild Swans at Coole (30 lines):

An Irish Airman Foresees His Death:

The Fisherman (40 lines):

September 14

On a Political Prisoner (24 lines): Sasha Carpenter

September 19

The Second Coming (22 lines): Madison Weaver

September 21

Sailing to Byzantium (32 lines):

September 26

Among School Children (64 lines):

September 28

Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop:

Remorse for Intemperate Speech (online):

Before the World was Made (online):

October 3

Lapis Lazuli (56 lines): Andrew Farley

What Then?: Olivia Kalb

Beautiful Lofty Things:

Are You Content? (online):

October 5

Long-legged Fly (30 lines):

High Talk (36 lines; online):

October 17

Man and the Echo (46 lines):

The Circus Animals' Desertion (40 lines): Megan Hicks



October 26

Digging (31 lines):

Mid-Term Break (22 lines): Sasha Carpenter

Personal Helicon (20 lines):

October 31

Limbo (20 lines):

November 2

Act of Union (28 lines):

A Constable Calls (36 lines):

November 7

The Underground (16 lines):

November 9

From the Frontier of Writing (24 lines):

November 14

Yeats in Civil War (17 lines):

Mise Eire (45 lines):

November 16

An Irish Childhood in England (36 lines):

Outside History (21 lines): Maddie Weaver

November 28

Writing in a Time of Violence (41 lines): Megan Hicks

The Harbour (28 lines): Andrew Farley

November 30

The Lost Land (35 lines):

December 5

Quarantine (20 lines): Olivia Kalb

Irish Poetry (27 lines):