Hamlet, I am thy father's spirit / Doomed for a certain time to walk the earth


152.39/150.36 HAMLET, I AM THY FATHER'S SPIRIT / DOOMED FOR A CERTAIN TIME TO WALK THE EARTH The actual words of the Ghost to Hamlet are, "I am thy father's spirit,/Doomed for a certain term to walk the night" (Ham., I, v, 9-10). Stephen later errs similarly in quoting the first line of this passage; see entry 188.35.


8.67-68 (152:39-40). Hamlet, I am . . . walk the earth – The Ghost speaks to Hamlet: "I am thy father's spirit, / Doomed for a certain term to walk the night" (I.v.9-10).


146.3-4 Hamlet, I am . . . earth: the Ghost in Hamlet, I. v. 9-10; Bloom substitutes 'time' for the Ghost's 'term', and mistakenly has the Ghost call Hamlet by name (see 181.7).