boxingmatch Myler Keogh won


173.14/170.36 THAT BOXING MATCH MYLER KEOGH WON As R. M. Adams has shown (SS, p. 70), some of the facts about this bout are taken from an actual bout that occurred in Dublin on April 29, 1904. The bout, which was between M. L. Keogh and Garry of the Sixth Dragoons, was advertised in the Freeman's Journal for April 28 and 29, 1904, and the result was reported in the April 30 issue. Keogh won by a knockout in the third round. On p. 251.1/247.17, young Dignam observes that the Keogh-Bennet fight was on May 22, but the Dublin papers tell of no similar match at about that time.


8.800-801 (173:14). *that boxingmatch Myler Keogh won against that soldier An advertisement in the Freeman's Journal (28-29 April 1904) announced a civil and military boxing tournament to be held at the Earlsfort Terrace Rink on Friday and Saturday, 29-30 April. In the second event on Friday night's card (M. L. Keogh of Dublin vs. Garry of the 6th Dragoons), Keogh knocked out Garry in the third round with a right hand to the pit of the stomach. Joyce changed the date to Sunday, 22 May, made this preliminary event the main event, and substituted the thoroughly English "sergeantmajor Percy Bennett," an artilleryman. See 12.939-87 (318:6-319:19).


165.6-7 that boxing match Myler Keogh . . . soldier: an event repeatedly alluded to, though Joyce has changed the details: an actual match occurred between Keogh and one Garry of the 6th Dragoons on 29 Apr. 1904; Keogh won in the third round. Joyce makes his opponent one 'sergeant major Percy Bennett', an Englishman (see 305.11-306.4), and changes the date to 22 May (241.7).