Irish Films at Bucknell



The following are films of Irish interest owned by Bertrand Library. Students can check them out for viewing inside or outside the Library with a Bucknell ID. If you know of an Irish-oriented film owned by Bucknell that is not on this list, please send me an e-mail at to let me know about it. Write-ups are adapted from library online records. This is only a partial list of our holdings; you can obtain a fuller list by searching the catalog for the subject "Ireland" while specifying "Video or DVD" as format.



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60 Minutes: Boy Next Door

Call Number:   HV6452.N72 B6 1990 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



An interview with Mickey Featherstone, former member of the Westies, an Irish gang active in

the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City. Featherstone was released into the custody of the

Witness Protection Program after his testimony imprisoned gang leader Jimmie Coonan for 75

years. Questions whether Featherstone, variously described as a vicious dog, a psychotic

and a paranoid schizophrenic, is fit to rejoin society.


A Man of No Importance

Call Number:   PN 1997 MAN OF (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1995              Suri Krishnamma


Starring Albert Finney and Brenda Fricker. A bus driver dreams of producing a play by his

hero, Oscar Wilde, with his theatrical troupe of untalented amateurs. When a beautiful young

woman steps on the bus and into his life, she becomes his inspiration, and he forges ahead

with his plan in spite of the opposition of his sister and his landlord.


A Million Bricks

Call Number:   DA990.U46 M56 1999 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1999              Frank Martin


Tells the story of Springfield Park, a housing estate built in the early Sixties in West Belfast,

made up of both Catholic and Protestant families who lived together in harmony until "The

Troubles" erupted in the early Seventies when the neighborhood was caught in a three-way

crossfire between nationalist and loyalist forces and the occupying British Army. Today, on

the site of what was once Belfast's last religiously mixed community, Protestants and

Catholics are separated by the peace line, a wall of a million bricks.


A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Call Number:   PR6019.O9 Z8225 1989 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1977              Joseph Strick


Joseph Strick's adaptation of Joyce's novel.


All different, all equal

Call Number:   JZ1318.L54 2002 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          2000              Di Tatham


Part 11 of a series on how the globalized world economy affects ordinary people. Looks at

progress in achieving greater equality for women -- five years after the Beijing Conference

on Women where government delegations pledged themselves to tackle increasing violence

against women. Examines gains in women's rights globally with visits to Northern Ireland,

Nigeria, Fiji, New Zealand, Brazil and other nations focusing on crimes against women and

achievements by women towards equality.


Angela's Ashes

Call Number:   PN1997 ANGELA (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          1999              Alan Parker


Starring Emily Watson.  Brings Frank McCourt's memoir of childhood in Limerick to the screen.


The Art of Celtic Manuscripts

Call Number:   ND3359.K4 A78 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



This program introduces ten early medieval manuscripts, including the most famous–the Book

of Kells–as well as the Book of Durrow and the Cathach, the oldest surviving Biblical

manuscript. (26 min.)


Beckett on Film

Call Number:   PR6003.E282 B44 2001 DISCS 1-4 (DVD)

    Year Released       



A four-DVD set produced by RTR (Irish national television).  A stunning collection of plays,

directed and acted by outstanding talents, including Neil Jordan, Anthony Minghella, David

Mamet, Milo O'Shea, Jeremy Irons, John Hurt, Julianne Moore, Alan Rickman, Kristin Scott-

Thomas, Juliet Stephenson, and many more.


Behind the Mask: the IRA and Sinn Fein

Call Number:   DA963.B444 1997 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1997              Andrew Williams


Tells the story of the Irish Republican Army and its political wing Sinn Fein, including America's

role in this struggle with Britain.


Belfast: The Sad Reality

Call Number:   DA995.B5 B45 2007 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2007              Jesse Barrett-Mills


For over 700 years, the country of Northern Ireland has been plagued by civil unrest. This

tension between the Catholics and the Protestants has caused thousands of deaths in the

past 30 years alone. This film hopes to raise awareness of this nation’s struggles by

examining one man's story of the history of the conflict and the potential means to a peaceful



Bloody Sunday

Call Number:   PN1997 BLOODY (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2002              Paul Greengrass


Dramatic recreation of the events of January 30, 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland, when

British paratroopers opened fire on a civil rights march.



Call Number:   PN1997 BLOOM (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2003              Sean Walsh


All of life in a single day takes place on the morning of June 16, 1904 in Dublin, Ireland.

Leopold Bloom is a tragic figure who walks the streets of Dublin while his wife Molly, commits

adultery with barely the regard to try to conceal it. Intermingled is Stephen Dedalus, an English

poet who is in the service of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Take a journey into the lives and

minds of these three characters in this enthralling story of love, loss, and lust. Based on

Joyce's Ulysses.



Call Number:   PR6019.O9 U6264 1992 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1999              Paul Howard


This documentary captures the day-long Bloomsday celebration, an annual event where

devotees of James Joyce recreate and relive the famous odyssey through Dublin of Ulysses'

main character Leopold Bloom.


The Boxer

Call Number:   PN1997 BOXER (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1998              Jim Sheridan


Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Emily Watson, Brian Cox, et al. When Danny Flynn (Day-Lewis)

returns to his Belfast neighborhood after 14 years in prison, all he wants is to find peace,

resume his career, and reclaim the love of the woman who has remained etched in his mind.

As they slowly embrace the possibilities of renewed romance, they realize cultural taboos

stand in the way. (114 min.)


Breakfast on Pluto

Call Number:   PN1997 BREAK4 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2006              Neil Jordan


As foster kid Patrick 'Kitten' Braden grows up, he leaves behind his small-town life in Ireland

for London, where he's reborn as a transvestite cabaret singer in the 1960s and 70s.


The Brothers McMullen

Call Number:   PN1997 BROTHERS (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2000              Edward Burns


After their good-for-nothing father dies and their mother leaves to be with the man she really

loves, brothers Jack, Barry and Patrick are left with only each other as they struggle with

their relationships. Married Jack is tempted to have an affair; Patrick isn't sure his fiancée is

'the one'; and Barry can't deal with the fact that he is actually falling in love.


The Butcher Boy

Call Number:   PN1997 BUTCHER (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1998              Neil Jordan


Starring Stephen Rea, Fiona Shaw, Sinead O'Connor, and Eamonn Owens. Set in 1962 (The

Cuban Missile Crisis) in a small Irish town, Francie Brady, a young boy, struggles with a

dysfunctional home life.




Call Number:   PN1997 CAL (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1990              Pat O'Connor


From the novel by Bernard MacLaverty. Starring Helen Mirren, John Lynch, Donal McCann, et

al. A young man is drawn into political and romantic conflict in Northern Ireland.


Céilí dancing step by step

Call Number:   GV1646.I8 C45 1999 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Circle of Friends

Call Number:   PN1997 CIRCLE (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          1995              Pat O'Connor


Starring Chris O’Donnell, Colin Firth, and Minnie Driver. Set in Ireland, this is the story of three

girls who were friends when growing up. They are reunited in college, and renew their

bonds. The central figure is Benny, a big girl with dreams, who sets her cap for the brightest

and handsomest boy on campus. (102 min.)


The Commitments

Call Number:   PN1997 COMMIT (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1991              Alan Parker


From the novel by Roddy Doyle. Story of a young rebel soul band from the Dublin ghetto, and

their struggle to make it in the music business. (118 min.)


The Crying game

Call Number:   PN1997 CRYING (Videotape and DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          1992              Neil Jordan


Starring Stephen Rea, Miranda Richardson, Jaye Davidson, and Forest Whitaker. A haunting,

humorous and shocking romantic thriller about Irish terrorists, their hostage and the hostage’s

exotic girlfriend. (112 min.)


Dancing at Lughnasa

Call Number:   PN1997 DANCING (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          1999              Brian Friel


Starring Meryl Streep, Michael Gambon, Catherine McCormack, et al.  Despite their hardships,

five sisters living in rural Ireland in 1936 are able to embrace life and all its complexities and

dance with joy in their hearts.


Danny Boy

Call Number:   PN1997 DANNY (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1982              Neil Jordan


Starring Stephen Rea. A saxophonist in Northern Ireland avenges the murder of the band’s

manager in this tale of violence and its victims.


Daughters of the troubles: Belfast Stories

Call Number:   DA995.B5 D38 1996 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1996              Marcia Rock


Filmed during the fragile 17-month paramilitary cease-fire (September 1994 to February 1996),

the documentary focuses on the social impact of decades of political upheaval. The history of

Northern Ireland's Troubles is told from the point of view of two women, Geraldine O'Reagan

(a Catholic) and May Blood (a Protestant).


The Dead

Call Number:   PN1997 DEAD1 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1987              John Huston


Adaptation of James Joyce’s classic short story. Starring Angelica Huston and Donal McCann.

Takes place in turn-of-the century Dublin, at a holiday feast vibrant with food and spirit. A

young couple at the party, Gretta and Gabriel Conroy, seem to have everything to be grateful

for. But that night, a tenor’s voice recalls poignant memories, and Gabriel learns of his wife’s

unforgotten young love.


Discoveries... Ireland: a Celtic treasure

Call Number:   DA978.2.D57 2001 (DVD)

    Year Released       



Discoveries... Ireland: a mystical journey

Call Number:   DA978.2.D585 2001 (DVD)

    Year Released       



Discoveries... Ireland: the Emerald Isle

Call Number:   DA978.2.D588 2001 (DVD)

    Year Released       



Eavan Boland

Call Number:   PR6052.O35 Z464 1994 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1994              Dan Griggs


Readings from and discussion with Eavan Boland, "a major Irish poet, who explores the

relationship between gender, art, and national identity - ‘the meeting place between

womanhood and history’ - in her nine books of poetry." Boland discussed her work with Los

Angeles poet Klein Healy on November 16, 1994, in Los Angeles. (60 min.)


Endgame in Ireland: Ceasefire: Guns and government

Call Number:   DA963.E5255 2002 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Endgame in Ireland: Bomb and ballot box

Call Number:   DA963.E525 2002 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Far and Away

Call Number:   PN1997 FAR2 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          1998              Ron Howard


Starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.  A poor but proud Irish tenant farmer accompanies the

 spoiled and headstrong daughter of a wealthy landlord to America in a quest for land.


The Field

Call Number:   PN1997 FIELD (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1990              Jim Sheridan


Based on the play by John B. Keane. Starring Richard Harris, John Hurt, Brenda Fricker. The

field is a plot of land in rural Ireland, rented and tended by an old man. When the owner sells

the land to an American developer the old man decides to fight the change, regardless of the



Gangs of New York

Call Number:   PN1997 GANGS DISC.1-2 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2003              Martin Scorsese


In 1846, waves of Irish immigrants poured into the New York neighborhood of Five Points.

"Billy the Butcher" bands his fellow "Native Americans" into a gang to take on the Irish gang

"The Dead Rabbits," organized by Priest Vallon. After an bloody clash Vallon is dead and his

son ends up in a brutal reform school. In 1862, that boy returns to seek vengeance against

the man that killed his father.


The Hanging Gale

Call Number:   PN1997 HANGING (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2005              Diarmuid Lawrence


The sons of the Phelan family - two farmers, a schoolteacher, and a priest - are torn between

nonviolent protest and bloody revolt during the Irish potato famine of the 1840s. Real-life

brothers Joe, Mark, Paul, and Stephen McGann star as the Phelans.


Hear My Song

Call Number:   PN1997 HEAR (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1991              Peter Chelsom


Starring Ned Beatty, Tara Fitzgerald, David McCallum, et al. A young man who has lost the

affections of his ladylove thinks he can win her back by locating the reclusive Irish tenor her

mother once loved.


Here Are Ladies

Call Number:   PR8723.W6 H47

    Year Released       



Women as seen through the eyes of Irish authors. (60 min.)


Hidden Agenda

Call Number:   PN1997 HIDDEN (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1991              Ken Loach


In Northern Ireland, two American researchers investigate the torture of civilians by

Government Security Forces. When Paul is given a tape containing explosive evidence, he is

"accidentally" killed and his partner Ingrid joins forces with a tough cop to expose the truth.


How Many Miles to Babylon?

Call Number:   PN1997 HOW5 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1982              Moira Armstrong


Derek Mahon’s adaptation of Jennifer Johnston’s novel. Starring Daniel Day- Lewis and Sian

Phillips. Alex and Jerry were close childhood friends despite their class differences, and

remain friends in the army. When Jerry is court-martialed for desertion, Alex must deal with

being in charge of the firing squad. (111 min.)


If These Walls Could Speak

Call Number:   DA995.B5 I32 2001 (VIdeotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          2001              Nancy du Plessis


Documentary concerning political murals in Northern Ireland. Murals depicted on buildings and

various structures, describe the various ethnic groups of the Catholics and the Protestants

and how they articulate their identity along with the history of their struggles in Ireland.


In Search of Ancient Ireland

Call Number:   DA930.I57 2002 PT.1, PT.2 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          2002              Leo Eaton


In Search of Ancient Ireland

Call Number:   DA930.I57 2003 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2003              Leo Eaton


A look at the history and legends of ancient Ireland. Begins in 2000 B.C., when Stone Age

farmers built some of the largest and most spectacular Neolithic monuments in Europe, and

continues through 1167 A.D, when the Norman invasion placed Ireland under English control.


In the Name of the Father

Call Number:   PN1997 IN THE N (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          1998              Jim Sheridan


Based on the true story of Gerry Conlon, a young Irish hoodlum who is caught in the wrong

place at the wrong time and forced to confess to a terrorist bombing. He and his father, along

with Gerry’s friends, are found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. There, his father shows

his true strength, and Gerry works to prove their innocence and clear his father’s name.

Starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson, Pete Postlethwaite.


The Informer

Call Number:   PN1997 INFORME (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1990              John Ford


Based on the story by Liam O’Flaherty. Starring Victor McLaglen. The story of hard drinking

Gippo Nolan who informs on a buddy in order to collect a reward during the Irish rebellion. He

squanders the money on women and drink, and then suffers intense emotional anguish.


Into the West

Call Number:   PN1997 INTO THE (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1993              Mike Newell


Starring Gabriel Byrne and Ellan Barkin. Highly recommended film depicting the contemporary

culture of the Travellers or Tinkers of Ireland. When a rich horse breeder tries to take a

magical horse away from two Traveller children living in a Dublin housing project, their only

hope is to escape into the west.


Irish Dance: See it! Feel it! Love it!

Call Number:   GV1646.I8 I74 1997 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



pt. 1 and pt. 2. Irish choreographers discuss the origins and history of Irish folk dancing and

its current popularity around the world, with commentary on Riverdance. Includes



The Irish in America

Call Number:   E184.I6 I74 1997 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Follows the nation's first immigrant group on their journey to the American dream. From war

hero and President Andrew Jackson to union organizer Mother Jones, you'll meet the colorful

Irish-Americans who fought and worked their way past oppression and into history.


The Irish R.M. Series 1

Call Number:   PN1992.8.F67 I74 SERIES1 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2003              Rosemary Anne Sisson


The Irish R.M. Series 2

Call Number:   PN1992.8.F67 I74 SERIES2 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2004              Rosemary Anne Sisson


The Irish R.M. Series 3

Call Number:   PN1992.8.F67 I74 SERIES3 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2005              Hugh Leonard


J.P. Donleavy's Ireland

Call Number:   PS3507.O686 Z467 1992 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Writer/narrator: J.P. Donleavy, Irish-American novelist.


Joyce, Yeats and Wilde

Call Number:   PR8750.J69 1992 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Irish poet, Seamus Heaney, and Richard Ellmann, a Goldsmith Professor at Oxford University,

discuss the lives and works of Oscar Wilde, William Butler Yeats and James Joyce and share

their own insights into these Irish literary greats.


Joyce's Ulysses

Call Number:   PR6019.O9 Z5785 2001 DISC1 (DVD)

    Year Released       



A Series of lectures on Ulysses given by James A.W. Heffernan.


Juno and the Paycock

Call Number:   PR6029.C33 J86 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1930              Alfred Hitchcock


Based on the play by Sean O’Casey. Adapted and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. After a poor

man’s legacy fails for come through, his armless son is shot by an informer. A dramatic story

of Ireland and the Dublin Rebellion.


The Magdalene Sisters

Call Number:   PN 1997 MAGDA (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2002              Peter Mullan


Controversial film depicting conditions in Irish "industrial schools" and Magdaline laundries in

modern Ireland.


Man of Aran

Call Number:   DA990.A8 M37 2003 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          1934              Robert Flaherty


A classic early documentary that documents the life of a family in a small fishing village in the

Aran Islands, Ireland, as it struggles to win the daily battle against its magnificent

opponent–the sea.


Michael Collins

Call Number:   PN1997 MICHAEL (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1996              Neil Jordan


Starring Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn, Stephen Rea, Alan Rickman, and Julia Roberts. Set

in1916, presents the life of an Irish leader who fought for Ireland’s break from England. (133



The Miracle

Call Number:   PN1997 MIRACLE (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1990              Neil Jordan


Starring Beverly D’Angelo and Donal McCann. Every summer, two teenage friends spend their

days making up stories about the tourists who wander into their tiny seaside town outside of

Dublin. When the circus comes to town, a beautiful, mysterious woman awakens in one of

them an obsessive love.


Mirror, Mirror: Northern Ireland

Call Number:   DA 990.U46 M57 1994 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:



Part of Films for the Humanities series "Nationalism: Blood and Belonging." Written by Michael

Ignatieff. Focuses on the Loyalists of Northern Ireland: Protestant, anti-Catholic, anti-

European, anti-Irish, monarchists who cling to a nation-state–the UK–but feel abandoned by

the British.


Mother Ireland

Call Number:   DA926.W7 M57X 1988 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1988              Anne Crilly


Examines the centuries-old imagery that has portrayed Ireland as a woman and discusses the

social function of these stereotypes of Irish womanhood and their relationship to the

nationalist struggle and Irish women today.


Moving Myths

Call Number:   BR796.3.M68 1989 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Examines the influence of the Protestant and Catholic churches in Ireland, and looks at the

notion that the war in Northern Ireland is a religious war by tracing the historical roots of

discrimination on the basis of religion and revealing its present-day reality in terms of

economic factors. Includes interviews with people who were raised in the Christian tradition

but have left the church.


My Left Foot

Call Number:   PN1997 MY LEFT (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1989              Jim Sheridan


From the book by Shane Connaughton. Starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Brenda Fricker. The

story of Christy Brown, an Irish artist and writer with cerebral palsy.



Call Number:   PN1997 NORA (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2000              Pat Murphy


Ewan McGregor stars as James Joyce in Pat Murphy's dramatization of Brenda Maddox's

controversial biography of James Joyce's wife Nora Barnacle.


Off Our Knees!

Call Number:   JC599.G72 N6756 1988 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Written and narrated by Bernadette Devlin McAliskey. Produced by the ‘68 Committee. A

documentary and commentary on the Civil Rights Movement in Northern Ireland made by some

of its central participants. Contains archive film, interviews, murals, posters and songs of the



Oliver St. John Gogarty: Silence Would Never Do

Call Number:   PR6013.O28 Z83 1987 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1987              Donald Taylor Black


Portrait of Irish author Oliver St. John Gogarty. Covers his early school career and later

education at Royal University and Trinity College. Documents his athletic prowess, early

success as a prize poet and relations with James Joyce and depiction as Buck Mulligan in

Joyce’s Ulysses. Also documents Gogarty’s subsequent career as poet, husband, physician,

Senator, and, after 1939, U.S. resident, citizen, and free-lance writer. (53 min.)



Call Number:   PN1997 ONCE2 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2007              John Carney


A Guy lives in Dublin. He is a guitarist/singer-songwriter who makes a living by fixing vacuum

cleaners in his Dad's Hoover repair shop by day. By night, he sings and plays for money on

the Dublin streets. A Girl from Czechoslovakia loves to play the piano when she gets a

chance. During the day she does odd jobs. At night she takes care of her mom and her

daughter. Guy meets Girl, and they get to know each other. Girl helps Guy put together a

demo disc so he can take it to London in hope of landing a music contract. At the same time,

the Guy and the Girl work through their past loves, and reveal their budding love for one

another, through their songs.


Oscar Wilde: Spendthrift of Genius

Call Number:   PR5823.O6678 1994 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



A portrait of the multi-talented and self-destructive genius that is generously sprinkled with

Wilde’s infamous bon mots. Includes the only known recording by Wilde of "The Ballad of

Reading Gaol." (60 min.)


The Patriot Game

Call Number:   DA990.U46 P378 1979 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1970              Arthur MacCaig


Highlighted by eyewitness accounts and footage of the IRA at work, this program tells the story

of the conflict in Northern Ireland. It begins with historical background from British colonization

to the territory's division in 1922, then details the events of 1968-1978 which included such

massacres as the infamous "Bloody Sunday." Much of the filming was done without

permission of the British Army or the authorities, and is an "unabashedly nationalist portrait."


The Playboys

Call Number:   PN1997 PLAYBOY (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1992              Gillies MacKinnon


Screenplay by Shane Connaughton.  Starring Albert Finney, Aidan Quinn, Robin Wright, Milo

O’Shea. When a young unmarried mother, who has scandalized a rural Irish town by keeping

the identity of her child’s father a secret, falls in love with an actor in a traveling theatre

company, the jealousy of the local police sergeant threatens her secret. (113 min.)


Question Time

Call Number:   HF1534.5.Z4 G76 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Live recordings of question time in Parliament held on 28 November and 5 December 1989.

Margaret Thatcher is questioned by members of parliament about the British role in Northern

Ireland (and other issues).


The Quiet Man

Call Number:   PN1997 QUIET (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1952              John Ford


An American prizefighter returns to Ireland in order to forget the past and live peacefully in his

village birthplace. He falls in love with the hot-tempered sister of a belligerent neighbor, and

trouble ensues over payment of her dowry.  Stars John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Barry

Fitzgerald, Victor McLaglen, Ward Bond, Mildred Natwick, and Arthur Shields. Winner of two

academy awards.


The Railway Station Man

Call Number:   PN1997 RAIL (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1993              Michael Whyte


Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland star as a widowed artist and an eccentric American

whose blossoming romance plays against the political turmoil in present day Ireland. Based on

the novel by Jennifer Johnston.


Reimagining Ireland

Call Number:   PR6052.O35 R45 1999 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Recorded at Bucknell University while Boland was the Sandra and Gary Sojka Visiting Poet.


Riverdance, the Show

Call Number:   GV1646.I8 R58 1996 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



A visually stunning celebration of Irish music, song, and dance.


Road to Bloody Sunday

Call Number:   DA995.L75 R62 1998 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1998              Alan D. Austin


According to the case: "Chronicles the troubles in Northern Ireland, focusing on four turbulent

years from 1968 to 1972. Featured segments include the rise of the Catholic civil rights

movement and the outbreaks of violence that followed; the return of British troops and the

IRA; and the culmination of Bloody Sunday and the fall of the Northern Irish government."


The Run of the Country

Call Number:   PN1997 RUN (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1995              Peter Yates


Starring Albert Finney, Matt Keeslar, and Victoria Smurfit. Based on the novel by Shane

Connaughton. Shaken by his mother’s recent death, Danny runs away from his overbearing

father in search of independence. As he and his friend Prunty are enjoying "the run of the

country," they meet Annagh, an enchanting and spirited girl who brings romance into Danny’s

life for the first time. (116 min.)


Ryan's Daughter

Call Number:   PN1997 RYAN'S (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1990              David Lean


2 parts. Video release of a 1970 motion picture (MGM). In Ireland in 1916, Rosy Ryan marries

her gentle, middle-aged schoolmaster but later falls in love with a British soldier. (194 mins.)


Seamus Heaney

Call Number:   PR6058.E2 Z75 1991 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Seamus Heaney from County Derry, bears witness to Ireland's complex, violent past and

present. One of the finest living poets, he reads from Selected Poems 1966-1987 and talks

with Michael Silverblatt. The reading and conversation took place on Oct. 15, 1991, in Los



The Secret of Roan Inish

Call Number:   PN1997 SECRET (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1995              John Sayles


The magical tale of a girl whose search for her missing brother brings an Irish legend to life.


The Snapper

Call Number:   PN1997 SNAP (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1993              Stephen Frears


Comedy about a close-knit, boisterous Irish family, and the commotion that follows the oldest

daughter’s announcement that she is pregnant. The whole town is thrown into a tizzy when

she refuses to reveal the father’s name. Based on the novel by Roddy Doyle.


Some Mother's Son

Call Number:   PN1997 SOME6 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1996              Terry George


Starring Helen Mirren, Fionnula Flanaghan, Aidan Gillen. Based on the true story of the 1981

hunger strike in a Britain prison, in which IRA prisoner Bobby Sands led a protest against the

treatment of IRA prisoners as criminals rather than as prisoners of the war.


Sons of Derry

Call Number:   DA995.L75 S65 1993 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1993              Marcia Rock


Describes the efforts of two men--one Protestant, one Catholic-- to overcome the bitter

enmities of the past with constructive solutions to the problems of Northern Ireland's second

largest city. Chronicles the history of Derry, and shows how these men are working in

different ways to rebuild the city.



Call Number:   PN1997 SOUTH2 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2000              Paddy Breathnach


Documentary about the Irish boxer, Francis Barrett who grew up in a cluttered trailer park

among a group of poor gypsies, who are scorned by Irish society. Against all odds, Francis

participates in the 1996 Olympics and represents Ireland. An unflinching tribute to an unlikely

hero who is a boxing champion and national hero.


The Story of English

Call Number:   PE1075.S86 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



Episodes 4 and 8 of the PBS series on the English Language: "The Guid Scots Tongue" and

"The Loaded Weapon" examine the development and influence of Scots and Irish Gaelic and



The Struggle for Democracy

Call Number:   E185.61.S8 1989 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1989              George James


Program 4, The Tyranny of the Majority.  PBS series examining majority/minority conflicts in

three western democratic societies: the American Blacks’ civil rights movement, the Australian

Aborigines campaign for full land rights, and the Catholic minority’s struggle in Northern

Ireland. Hosted by Patrick Watson. (57 mins.)


To Live for Ireland

Call Number:   DA990.U46 T65 1986 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1986              Mary Pat Kelly


Offers a new and unusual look at the political turmoil and sectarian violence that has racked

Northern Ireland for the last fifteen years


The True Story of the Molly Maguires

Call Number:   HV6452.P4 M6 1998 (Videotape)

    Year Released       



In the 1870's, twenty Irish immigrants suspected of belonging to a secret terrorist

organization, the Molly Maguires, were executed in the coal mining region of eastern

Pennsylvania. Their crime was the murder of sixteen men, mainly mine officials. Ever since, a

debate has raged over who the Mollies were.



Call Number:   PN1997 ULYSSES2 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          1967              Joseph Strick


Director Joseph Strick's homage to James Joyce's 1922 novel.  Starring Milo O'Shea as

Leopold Bloom.


Veronica Guerin

Call Number:   PN1997 VERON (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2003              Jerry Bruckheimer


Starring Cate Blanchett in the real story of an Irish journalist murdered in 1996 while

investigating the drug trade in Dublin.


Voices from Northern Ireland

Call Number:   DA990.U46 V65 1986 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1986              Michael Niedermann


Interviews with people living in Belfast and Derry recorded in the Fall of 1985. It provides a

revealing picture of the lives of working class peoples and shows how "The Troubles" have

changed their lives and polarized the Catholic and Protestant population.


Walking into eternity: James Joyce's Ulysses

Call Number:   PR6019.O9 U765 1999 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1999              Patrick Ryan


Documentary on Joyce's Dublin.


When Ireland Starved: An Gorta Mór

Call Number:   DA 950.7.W44 1992 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1992              Joseph Dunn


A documentary on the Great Hunger of the 19th century.



Call Number:   PR5823.W475 1998 (Videotape)

    Year Released        Director:

          1998              Brian Gilbert


Starring Stephen Fry, Jude Law, Vanessa Redgrave, et al. Notorious poet and playwright

Oscar Wilde devours all that life has to offer, but there’s only so much that late Victorian

England will tolerate. As Wilde delves into a taboo world of unrealized homosexual desire, his

life rapidly becomes a turbulent charade. He cannot escape the repercussions wrought by a

"pure" society, nor will he hide in shame for being true to his nature. (116 min.)


The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Call Number:   PN1997 WIND4 (DVD)

    Year Released        Director:

          2007              Paul Laverty


Driven by a deep sense of duty and a love for his country, Damien abandons his burgeoning

career as a doctor and joins his brother, Teddy in a dangerous and violent fight for freedom in

Ireland in 1920. As the Irish freedom fighters' bold tactics bring the British to a breaking point,

both sides finally agree to a treaty to end the bloodshed. But, despite the apparent victory,

civil war erupts and families who fought side by side find themselves pitted against one

another, putting their loyalties to the ultimate test.