English 326/626: Seminar in James Joyce

Weekly Response Papers

Once each week, you must submit a response via Moodle to the readings for the next day's class. This weekly response should be three pages in length, and you must submit it by 6:00 am on the relevant day of class, so that I can read through your responses before our class meeting.

The first part of this brief assignment each week (Please label it "Part I") should function like a reading journal, focusing on your responses to the reading; here you can write informally about issues raised in earlier class discussions, thoughts on how the readings fit into the larger development of Joyce's writing, and questions and problems you are having with the week's primary reading in Joyce.

The second part of your weekly writing (Please label it "Part II") must answer one writing suggestion or question I will provide each week (you can find these questions posted on the Moodle site for each class meeting).

The third part of your weekly writing (Please label it "Part III") must make note of one passage (a sentence or paragraph at most) that you found pleasing, confusing, or irritating and must also provide one question of your own for class discussion; these questions should be detailed -- not vague or overly general -- and should not merely repeat the questions raised in the weekly writing prompts.

Finally, when appropriate, a brief summary and response to any supplementary "extra" readings or critical articles you have read should constitute a fourth section, though this is only necessary once during the semester for undergraduate students.

Weekly writings must be received by the deadline; I will never accept weekly writings after the seminar meeting in which we discuss the material, under any conditions. The reason for this rule is that I consider these writings preparation for class discussion, and I would like to know what you were thinking before class rather than reading a summary of what was said in class.

If possible, please bring a copy of your weekly writing to our seminar meeting each week.