Photos from Northern Ireland

All photographs by John Rickard, primarily in 1995-96.

Please do not use without permission.

"Slan Abhaile"--Wall mural painted by Robert Ballagh, the Bogside, Derry. Slan Abhaile means "Have a Safe Trip Home" in Irish.

Ban the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) wall mural, The Bogside, Derry.

Stained Glass Window Commemorating the Victims of Bloody Sunday, Guildhall, Derry.

The Fountain--A Loyalist neighborhood in Derry.

An Ulster Defense Regiment (UDR) wall mural in Belfast.

A lorry that was hijacked and burned in the Bogside, Derry in July, 1995 to protest the British government's release of Private Lee Clegg, a paratrooper who killed an unarmed Irish girl at a roadblock.

Memorial to the Victims of Bloody Sunday in Derry.

A wall mural in the Bogside expressing support for nationalist prisoners.

Mural in Falls Road area, West Belfast.

Loyalist mural in the Belfast area.


Some Newly Scanned Photos

Ulster Defense Association mural on the Newtownyards Road, Belfast.
Mural in downtown Derry celebrating solidarity with the people of Nicaragua.