Machine Dreams -- Paper 1 Appointment Sheet

Please e-mail me to sign up for a time below in order to discuss your paper one draft with me. Please bring your book, your notes for the paper, a rough draft of at least the first page, and an outline of the rest of the paper to the meeting.

Some meetings will be in my office and others at the 7th St. Café; please write down the time and place of your appointment, and please be on time, as we'll be on a tight schedule some days.


Tuesday, September 27 (Seventh St. Cafe)—

1:30 PM— Melissa Duffy

1:50 PM— Thomas Cleere

2:10 PM— Josh Mckamy


Thursday, September 29 (Office; Carnegie 202)—

1:00 PM— Abhay Agarwal

1:20 PM— Adam Hinshaw

1:40 PM— Erin Williams

2:00 PM— Eric Metcalf

2:20 PM—

2:40 PM— Megan Waligura

3:00 PM—

3:20 PM— Andrew Loucks

3:40 PM—

4:00 PM— Hironori Maeda

4:20 PM— Brad Bisignano


Friday, September 29 (Office; Carnegie 202)—

9:00 AM— Eliot Moss

9:20 AM— Krishna Kathiresan

9:40 AM—

10:00 AM— Devon Winders


Friday, September 29 (7th Street Cafe)—

1:00 PM— Jay Strother

1:20 PM— Dale Statler

1:40 PM— Norah Patrick

2:00 PM—

2:20 PM—

2:40 PM—


Other arrangements can be made. Please let me know if none of these times will fit your schedule, and we will find another time that will work for you.