English 326/626: Seminar in W. B. Yeats

Weekly Response Papers

Every Sunday, you must e-mail me a response, in Microsoft Word format, to the readings for the next day's class and to the focus poem you have selected from the week's reading. This weekly response must be at least three pages in length, and you must submit it before midnight on Sunday. The first part of this brief assignment each week should function like a reading journal, and should focus on your responses to the reading; here you can write informally about issues raised in class discussions, thoughts on how the readings fit into the larger development of Yeats's writing, and problems you are having with writing and/or with the poems, plays, and essays we're reading. The second part of your weekly writing must address or answer one weekly writing suggestion or question I will provide each week. The third part should be a brief analysis of and response to the focus poem you have selected. In your focus poem response each week, provide your reaction to the poem and consider its formal properties: what do you think it means? How does the form of the poem relate to or support this meaning? What questions do you have about the poem for class discussion?

Weekly writings received after midnight on Sunday will receive a late penalty; weekly writings will never be accepted after our weekly seminar meeting, under any conditions.

Please bring a copy of your weekly writing to our seminar meeting each week.