Seminar in W. B. Yeats

Fall 2008

The Singing Horseman, by Jack B. Yeats




Selected Poems and Reference Resources:

Project Bartleby's collection of Yeats's poems from three collections -- The Wind Among the Reeds (1899) Responsibilities and Other Poems (1916), and The Wild Swans at Coole (1919) -- provides bibliographic references for the volumes and reliable texts

Poetry X Yeats Archive -- a comprehensive, well-organized collection of 364 Yeats poems online

E-Text Library of Yeats's poetry at California State University, Northridge -- An extensive database provided by Professor Warren Wedin

English Research "Room" on ISR Website (available only to Bucknell faculty, staff and students) -- Here you can find links to the LION full-text database (biography, poems, and selected critical works on Yeats), Studies in Irish Literature (reference resources on Yeats and other Irish writers), and other relevant databases


Useful Yeats Pages:

Interactive Yeats Online Exhibition -- Created by the National Library of Ireland

Yeats Society, Sligo -- The official web site of the Sligo Yeats Society, including a link to the Yeats International Summer School

The Visible Yeats and The Audible Yeats -- A useful collection of Yeats images that elucidate the poems and five audio files of Yeats reading his poems

Yeats Seminar Page at California State, Northridge -- Extensive Yeats links and resources from Professor Warren Wedin's Yeats seminar

Yeats's A Vision -- Neil Mann's helpful pages on Yeats's occult system as expounded in A Vision

Yeats Country -- A nice collection of photographs of Sligo and environs by Frank Ludwig


Related Pages:

Irish Studies Webpage (including Irish History Links)

Irish Photos database

Irish History PowerPoint Presentation (click to download)

Irish History 1916

Celtic Folklore--a copious collection of early Irish epic tales, fairy tales, and folk tales

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

The Theosophical Society in America

The Theosophical Society International Headquarters (I'm not sure of the distinction between the organizations represented on this page and the preceding page)

Poetic Terms:

Glossary of Poetic Terms, by Ian Lancashire, Department of English, University of Toronto.  A little dense but very thorough.  Includes links to examples for many terms

Poetic Terms, by Al Filreis at Penn

Poetic Language, Meter, and Form:

An easy-to-view and basic slide show on "Metrics," by Sam Schuman

"Introduction to Meter," by Timothy Steele, English Department, California State University, Los Angeles

Timothy Steele's Introduction to "Rhyme and Stanza

PowerPoint presentation on Poetic Meter by Dr. Linda Lovell

PowerPoint presentation on Figurative Language by Dr. Linda Lovell

A table of stanza forms, with numerous examples, by H. T. Kirby-Smith

A table of poetic meters, with numerous examples, by H. T. Kirby-Smith

An "Introduction to Sound and Meter" from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University

Barbara Mathieson's "Scanning Poetry: A Self-Study Unit"

Jack Lynch's "Glossary of Literary and Rhetorical Terms"

Jack Lynch's web page on "Meter"

Timothy Steele's "Introduction to Meter"