For ENGL 626 -- Graduate Students Only

In ENGL 626, you must complete all assignments required of undergraduate students, only better: weekly writings, formal papers, and oral presentations should be deeper and more extensive. As noted on the course Moodle page, "Graduate students must turn in three responses to extra readings in the course of the semester," rather than one, as required of undergraduates; you must present one of these articles to the class (see below). Please feel free to bring ideas and material from your other courses into your responses, including any theoretical interests.

I expect graduate students' weekly writings to be fuller and more detailed than undergraduates' responses, and graduate students will also write a longer final essay (approximately 20 pages).

All graduate students must prepare one additional oral presentation for ENGL 626. For this no more than ten minute presentation, you will read a critical article listed below, summarize and "teach" it in clear and comprehensible terms for your graduate student peers but also (and crucially) for your undergraduate peers in the class. Follow your summary with a critique of the essay, arguing for or against its point of view, using clear evidence from Joyce's texts, other critical essays, and so on to support or refute the argument you have read.