Evolutionary Fictions 2012, Section 05, 2012 -- Reaction Paper Schedule

On the day of your reaction paper presentation, come to class prepared to begin discussion of the work in question by presenting your "reaction" orally to the class. After your presentation, you must also hand a 2-3 page (double-spaced) reaction paper in to me as well. The dates listed here are the dates currently on the syllabus; it is possible that we may have to get to some reaction papers a day or more later than the dates given here.

Please email me when you wish to reserve a reaction paper topic and date; I will add your name to the list -- FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!

Assignment: Responder:


Wednesday, August 29 --Frankenstein: Alexandra Rosen


Monday, September 10 -- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Stephanie Casino


Monday, Sept. 17 -- Dracula: Austin Baum


Monday, October 1 -- The Island of Dr. Moreau: Robert Schlitt


Wednesday, Oct. 10 -- Heart of Darkness: Somer Dice


Wednesday, Oct. 24 -- Metropolis (film): Jessie Lambdin


Monday, October 29 -- Gibson, "Burning Chrome": Bret Bachman-Goldstein


Tiptree (Alice Sheldon), “The Girl Who Was Plugged In”: Hannah Marsing


Wednesday, October 31 -- X-Files: Kill Switch (video): Connor Allsteadt


Ballard, "Memories of the Space Age": Dan Perlis

Monday, November 5 -- The Matrix (film): Russell Hart

Monday, November 12 -- Vinge, "True Names": Chris Schwake


Bear, "Blood Music": Hadley Hall


Wednesday, November 14 -- Atwood, Oryx and Crake: Scott Ferraro


Wednesday, November 28 -- 28 Days Later (film): Alex Silverman


Monday, December 3 -- Carter, "The Tiger's Bride":