(Photograph taken by John Rickard, Belfast, Northern Ireland)


Irish History Online

There is unfortunately no really dependable scholarly history of Ireland yet available on the internet, but the following links all provide some coverage (often with a strong point of view included) of part or all of Irish history.



My own brief timeline of Irish history

Introduction to Irish History -- A general PowerPoint presentation created for my modern Irish literature courses.

Wikipedia's History of Ireland pages -- Some of the entries are quite detailed and up-to-date. See also the History of Northern Ireland entry.

Prehistoric and Celtic Ireland and History of Ireland, 500-1998 -- The most complete general history available online. Some sections of this online history have been rewritten in a continuing attempt to update these pages--CLICK HERE to see the new sections.

Irish History Archives

Jerry Desmond's Concise History of Ireland

A history in two parts--click here for history up to approximately 1900 and here for 1916 on.



Irish History in Maps--Interesting site

A City Is Born: The History Of Dublin Ireland--This web page, suggested by teacher Cassandra McVey and her students, provides information on the history of Dublin, as well as a number of useful links to other sites.