This bibliography is partly based on bibliographies prepared by Professor Weldon Thornton of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and on the work of Bucknell University students Tom Stone, Steven Baliko, Bill Kupinse, and Sarah Farrant.

I. BOOKS BY JAMES JOYCE (This list does not include essays, or sections of Finnegans Wake published as separate works.)

Chamber Music 1907 36 poems

Dubliners 1914 15 short stories

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man 1916 novel

Exiles 1918 3-act play

Ulysses 1922 novel

Pomes Penyeach 1927 13 poems

Collected Poems 1936 (Includes contents of the first two books of poems, plus "Ecce Puer.")

Finnegans Wake 1939 novel

Stephen Hero 1944 (First draft of what became A Portrait; new edition, with additions, 1955.)

Epiphanies 1956

Letters of James Joyce 1957 (Ed. by Stuart Gilbert; vols. II and III ed. by Richard Ellmann, 1966.)

The Critical Writings of James Joyce 1959 (Ed. by Ellsworth Mason and Richard Ellmann. A miscellaneous collection of essays, lectures, book reviews, etc.

Giacomo Joyce 1968 (Ed. Richard Ellmann. A Triestine MS of prose fragments dealing with Joyce's "erotic commotion over a girl pupil.")

Selected Letters of James Joyce 1975 (Ed. Richard Ellmann; contains some letters not previously published.)

The James Joyce Archive. 1978. Sixty-three-volume set of Joyce's notebooks, drafts, page proofs, etc. Bucknell does not have this set.

The James Joyce-Paul Leon papers in the National Library of Ireland : a catalogue. National Library of Ireland. 1992.

Finns Hotel. Ed. Danis Rose. 1992. Seven "new" stories recently reconstructed. On order for Bucknell.

For a fuller list of Joyce's writings, see The Letters of James Joyce (1966), vol. II, pp. lxiii-lxxii.

The fullest descriptive bibliography of Joyce's works is John J. Slocum and Herbert Cahoon, A Bibliography of James Joyce, pub. in 1953 and quite complete to its date of publication.


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An annotated annual listing of Joyce criticism is in the Journal of Modern Literature. PMLA also publishes an annual listing, which the JJQ supplements with its quarterly update.


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A. General Criticism On Joyce's Early Work

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