Oral Presentation Schedule, Yeats Seminar, Fall 2008

Oral reports should take approximately 10-15 minutes, with some time afterwards for questions and discussion. Please do not allow presentations to run way over the allotted time; an over-long presentation is almost always a poorly-organized presentation. You may choose your own topic or sign up for one of those that I've listed (though you should clear your ideas for presentations with me). You should meet with me about the topic and conduct extensive research to prepare for your presentation. Topics may concern biographical, political, cultural, artistic, psychological, or philosophical questions. Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation (or audio/visual presentation in some other format) to accompany your oral report; you must email your audio-visual presentation to me as an attachment prior to class on the day of your presentation. Please inform your colleagues about the principal sources you used in preparing your presentation.

These topic ideas are meant to serve as suggestions for oral report topics. Often, good reports come out of particular students' interests as they may relate to the topic of the seminar or your plan of studies. Please feel free to suggest other interesting topics that occur to you.

When you have decided on a topic, please e-mail me and I will reserve it for you -- first come, first served.


Monday, September 15:

Yeats, Symbolism, and Decadence: Allison Rittmayer

Oscar Wilde

Yeats and the Theosophical Society


Monday, September 22:

The Abbey Theatre

Lady Gregory


Monday, September 29:

Maud Gonne


Monday, October 6:

Yeats and the Occult (with emphasis on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn): Chris Bates

Yeats and Ezra Pound: Wendy Schibener

Yeats's Sisters, the Irish Arts & Crafts movement, and the Dun Emer and Cuala Presses


Monday, October 20:

W. B. Yeats in Bucknell Special Collections

The Hugh Lane Controversy

Georgie Yeats (Yeats's wife): Tricia Bosnic

Yeats and the Romantic Poets

Monday, October 27:

The Easter 1916 Rising and Yeats: Chuck Volkert

Yeats and Japanese Drama: Will Pickel


Monday, November 3:

Yeats and Thoor Ballylee: Jenny Dalzell

The Irish "Troubles" and Civil War: Allison Miles

Yeats and Neoplatonist Philosophy: Kyle Anthony


Monday, November 10:

A Vision: Emily Parmenter

Jack B. Yeats: Brynn Moragne

Yeats and Censorship (with a focus on "Leda and the Swan"): Maggie Martin


Monday, November 17:

Yeats, Sexuality, and Gender -- Recent Scholarship: Jessica Vooris


Monday, November 24:

Yeats and Eugenics

Yeats and Fascism: Aubrey Rowe


Monday, December 1:



Monday, December 8:

Yeats's Influence: Andrew Cusick