The Taylor Family of Tennessee
. . . and, eventually, Oklahoma

pictured at right: James Patton Taylor, c. 1906. His children are listed here.


1862 Photograph of the Nathaniel Greene Taylor Family: Taken during the Civil War in Philadelphia, this photograph features Nathaniel (congressman, Indian Commissioner, and minister), his wife Emmaline (nee Haynes, the sister of Landon Carter Haynes, Confederate senator), and their brood of children, including two future governors of Tennessee (Bob and Alf) and my great-grandfather (James).

Gov. Robert Love Taylor of Tennessee: a poster advertising one of his lectures, with remarks by Robert Love Taylor of Independence, Virginia, his great-great nephew.

Our Bob as a Young Man: c. 1871? He could be nineteen or twenty-nine, fire and melancholy and perhaps a little humor in his eyes.

Mary Susan George: My great grandmother as a young woman. Wife of James Patton Taylor, mother of Baxter Taylor, she died in 1893. On this page: list of the children of James P. Taylor and Mary Susan George, with dates of birth and death.

James Patton Taylor: Inventor and Poet: Did he really invent the machine gun? And then write an anti-war poem? Here's my take on it.

Young Baxter, with Sisters: Gertrude and Josephine flank my young grandfather in a photograph from the late 1890s.

Baxter at the Shrine of Democracy: Paying homage to Andrew Jackson; an excursion to the Hermitage.

A Poem by James P. Taylor: about an old mule meant to resemble the Republican Party of 1896.

1923 Photograph of the James Patton Taylor Family: A memorable picture, taken at a family reunion at my great-grandfather's farm on the banks of the Nolichucky River, Carter County, Tennessee.

The Lovelorn Baxter Taylor: The plight of a bachelor, 1904; the remedy, courtship of Love Thomas.

The Lovely Thomas Sisters: Five of them, anyway, in this beautiful photograph, taken around 1900.

John Theophilus Thomas: Father of the Bride(s). My grandmother's father, who looks every bit the Southern gentleman.

Love Thomas, Not Quite a Bride: A wedding picture, c. 1900, in which the young Love Thomas gazes at her friend who has just been married.

Wedding Announcement, 1907: a newspaper clipping concerning the marriage of my grandparents, Baxter Taylor and Love Thomas.

The Three Boys, 1917: My father at the age of three, with his older brothers and a charming kitten.

Baxter Taylor, c.1919: Granddad Taylor in his office in the state capitol building, Chairman of the Industrial Commission.

School Days, 1923: Jefferson Elementary School--or grammar school, as it would have been called--in Oklahoma City. A memorable bunch of third-graders, including my father.

The Baxter Taylor family in 1930: a photograph taken on the occasion of my Uncle Jim's 21st birthday; Baxter and Love and their three handsome sons.

Baxter and Love with Sons, 1950: in their Sunday-go-to-meeting finery.

My Father's Memoir: covering his first twenty-two years.

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