A Birthday Celebration, June 3, 1930

The occasion was Uncle Jim's birthday, his twenty-first. Uncle Jim (James Patton Taylor II), the oldest of the three brothers, is on the far right in the photograph--the handsomest and gentlest of the three brothers, I always thought. Standing next to him is his mother (my grandmother), Love Thomas Taylor. In the center, his grin here the same as it would be until his death, is my father, named Robert Love Taylor--for Uncle Bob, naturally; he was the youngest brother, born in 1914. His distinguished father, Baxter Taylor, stands next to my father, and on the end is Baxter, Jr. Jim would move to San Antonio and raise his family. Baxter, Jr., would go to Dallas. My father would stay in Oklahoma City. Two years after this picture was taken, he would graduate from high school--1932, the height of the depression--and begin his career as a salesman. Then he met Merle Wiseman, and that made all the difference.
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