Baxter Taylor, c. 1919

Baxter Taylor in His Office

Following his term as County Judge of Atoka County, Baxter Taylor served as County Attorney and then, after moving to Oklahoma City with his young family, he was appointed by Governor Robertson as chairman of the State Industrial Commission. This would have been in 1919, about the time this photograph was taken in his office, which I assume was in the capitol building. It appears to be a huge, high-ceilinged office, furnished with plenty of desk space and a spittoon. He looks every bit the judge here--he would brook no nonsense. Yet he had a sense of humor, as evidenced by his earlier newspaper writings, in which he adopted the pseudonym of Jepha Jones and wrote satirical and comic verse. I don't remember seeing him smile, though, in late years. In 1926, an article of his on early days in Atoka, entitled "A Leaf from a Sketchbook," appeared in the Chronicles of Oklahoma. The influence of his uncle's (Senator Robert Love Taylor) rather ornate prose style is apparent. Also like his Uncle Bob, he played the fiddle, even playing it left-handed, like Bob, and he made fiddles when he was a young man. That he could wax nostalgic about fiddling is apparent from a poem he wrote, entitled, "The Country Fiddler."

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