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Back Up and Push: An Old-Time Band from Pennsylvania


Back Up and Push played old-time fiddle tunes, honky-tonk, blues, early country, and even some originals. Band members were (from left) Jina Gillis-Rosencrans, guitar and lead vocals; Tom Rosencrans, banjo and lead vocals; Carl Kirby, bass; Bob Taylor, fiddle; Sue Taylor, guitar. We all sang some, but Tom and Jina have special voices. Summers, most of us take part in fiddlers' conventions in southwest Virginia and western North Carolina. In August, Tom and Jina have led the evening singing jams during Vocal Week at the Augusta workshops in Elkins, West Virginia. During the summers of 2001 and 2003, in the midst of the fiddlers' conventions, we journeyed to Johnson City, Tennessee, for a Taylor gathering, a memorable occasion, and performed in Jonesborough for the Music on the Square series. We've done concerts on WBRF (Galax, VA), broadcast live from the Rex Theatre in Galax.

Currently Bob and Sue play with the Buck Mountain Band in Virginia.

While active In Pennsylvania, we played for square dances, contradances, coffee houses, festivals, wedding parties, and other occasions, and once upon a time--in the spring of 2000, to be precise--we tried recording a CD (the above picture was taken at a recording session) with distinctly mixed success (it was never produced, thankfully), though we had fun doing it. We won first place at the New Jersey Folk Festival in the old-time band category. For more information, get in touch with Bob, Carl, Sue, or Tom and Jina.

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