Introduction to Creative Writing

Spring Semester 2005
Robert Love Taylor
Office: Carnegie 201; Hours 1-2 MWF

This course is meant to introduce the fundamental techniques of writing imaginatively in fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. It assumes that you may wish to try writing in a variety of genres before committing yourself to advanced courses in one genre or the other, and it will prepare you for entering intermediate  workshops in creative writing (ENGL 202, 203, 204). In a larger sense, the course should enable you to strengthen your ability to use written language for expression and communication.
      Assumptions: 1) Creativity in writing grows out of a sense of formal possibilities in play with one's imagination, 2) analyzing fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction is an important part of learning to write effectively and creatively, 3) writing creatively enriches your knowledge of literature, 4) artful writing is a process of discovery, of happy accidents, as well as of calculated effects.
     The course will be conducted as a workshop, with your own weekly writing exercises as the chief basis for discussion. However, published poems, essays, and stories will also be discussed with a view to understanding how they make themselves worthy of attention.

Policy on classroom attendance:

    --More than two absences will lower your grade
More than three absences will lower your grade a full letter
Six classroom absences will result in an F for the course.

In addition to attending regularly, you should be prepared to answer and raise questions about the readings, propose interpretations, and, when it seems necessary and appropriate, suggest directions for discussion.