Introduction to Creative Writing
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ENGL 201-03:  Spring 2005
MW 3:00-4:22 Vaughan Lit 103

Robert Love Taylor
Hours MWF 1-2 or by appointment
Office: Carnegie 201

Books: Course Outline (In Progress):
Wed., 1-19 Discuss "Storm Windows";  Assigned reading for Monday, 1-24:  Handbook, Ch. 1-2.
Writing assignment
emailed to me by noon Friday, 1-21Handbook, p.  30.  Choose one exercise, either 1, 2, 4, or 6.

Mon., 1-24 Discussion:  Chapters 1 and 2.  Workshop on exercises from p. 30.
Assignment for Wednesday:  read Ch. 3 in Handbook, do exercise 1, pp. 42-43.
Wed., 1-26 Continue workshop.  Discuss Ch. 3, "Point of View" in Handbook.
Write:  exercise 3, p. 43 (Due Friday, noon).

Mon., 1-31 Point of view workshop; Discuss Alice Walker's "Everyday Use"  (from 40 Short Stories)
Resource:  A Lone Star quilt
Wed., 2-2 Continue point of view workshop; Discuss Ch. 4, Handbook; in-class exercise, pp. 68-69. 
Write (due Friday noon): Exercise 1 and 2, pp. 74-75.

Mon., 2-7 Workshop on figurative language.  Discuss Ch. 6, Handbook; focus: line length.
Write for next time:  Ex. 4, p. 116
Wed., 2-9 Discuss (in Ch.  6) meter.   
Write (due Friday noon):  Metrical lines (Exercise on pp. 122-123)

Mon., 2-14 Workshop on meter.  Discuss in Ch. 6: Lines & Rhymes.   Lines & Free Verse.
Wed., 2-16 Discuss Ch. 6, pp. 131-144
Write (due Friday noon):  Villanelle or Sonnet

Mon., 2-21 Workshop.  Discuss Ch. 7 
Writing for next time:  Free choice from among suggestions in Ch. 7.
Wed., 2-23 Workshop.  Discuss Ch. 8
Write (due Friday noon):  Free choice from among suggestions in Ch. 7

Mon., 2-28 Workshop on poems

Wed., 3-2 Workshop on poems (continued)
Write (due Friday noon):  Exercise on Description

Mon., 3-7 Workshop on description.
Discuss Chapter 9, pp. 178-195;  Updike, "A & P" (in 40 Short Stories)
Wed., 3-9 Discuss Chapter 9, pp. 195-212; Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" and Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums" (in 40 Short Stories); Bring 5 first sentences.

Due Friday:  Portfolios for midterm evaluation;
your portfolio should include all exercises in their original versions, mechanical errors corrected, your journal entries, and any revisions you may have done.

Spring Break

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