Creative Writing:  Fiction

Guidelines for Exercises                                                                                                                         

1.  September 2: Write a "tale" inspired by one or more of the following stories:  Calvino's "The Tale of the Cats,"  Carter's "The Werewolf,"  Galeano's "The Story of the Lizard. . . ,"  Merwin's "Sand."  Your tale may be loosely based on a fairy tale or folktale, but should have significant variations.  These variations might be in theme, setting, characters, or plot.  Length:  300-400 words.

2.  September 14:  For this exercise, you'll be writing a parable or legend.  Your parable/legend should be in the manner of those in our text:  Luke's "The Prodigal Son,"  Tolstoy's "The Three Hermits," Wilde's "The Artist," Carver's "Popular Mechanics," or Pritchett's "A Story of Don Juan."  Length:  about 400-500 words.

3.  September 28:  Using the stories by Babel, Colette, Davis, Greene, and Phillips as models, write a first-person narrative formed from a single remembered incident.  Action should be subtle but shown to be significant for the narrator.  Length:  500-600 words.