Checklist for Portfolios

Your final portfolio should include the original copies of everything you've written for this course since the first of the semester.  All material should have mechanical errors corrected, on the original copies, with corrections okayed by me.

1.   The first three exercises:
       (a) the tale
       (b) the parable/legend
       (c) first-person narrative

2.  The four stories:
       (a) first-person, epiphany
       (b) unsentimental love story
       (c) typical character made three-dimensional
       (d) revised, expanded version of earlier story

3.  Any revisions you may have made.  Note:  Do not print out new copies for minor changes.  If the changes are substantial enough to merit printing out new copies, mark the new copy as "Revision" and include the original version with it.

4.  A brief analysis (one page) of the nature of fiction as you see it after taking this course.

Arrange all materials chronologically, from earliest to latest, with revisions placed alongside originals.  Place these materials in a manila file folder inside an 11 X 14 mailing envelope.  Put your name and campus address on the outside of the envelope.  If you wish me to mail the portfolio to your home address, put adequate postage on the envelope.  Note:  for postage, you'll need to have the portfolio weighed at the Marts Hall post office; just putting a couple of extra stamps on it won't be enough.