Creative Writing: Fiction
Fall 2004  (Updated 11/25/04)

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30-3:52; O'Leary 309
Robert Love Taylor
Hours MWF 2:00-3:30 or by appointment
Office: Carnegie 201
All assignments must be single-spaced and sent to me electronically in Word format on the day they're due. Within three days after receiving back an assignment, return it corrected to me (the hard copy with my comments on it); make corrections on the original where the mistakes have occurred; do not print out another version for the recording of corrections. For a good review of punctuation, click here.

Text: Mills, Crafting the Very Short Story

Links to workshop stories: | Story One |   | Story Two, Part One |  | Story Two, Part Two |   | Story Two, Part Three |
| Story 3, Part 1 |   | Story 3, Part 2 |   | Story 3, Part 3 |   | Story 4, Part 1 |   | Story 4, Part 2 |

R 8/26 Introduction

T 8/31 Reading: Calvino, Carter, Galeano, Merwin
R 9/2 Due: tale (300-400 words). Reading: Boccaccio (see also Pot of Basil), Marquez, Petronius

T 9/7 Workshop
R 9/9  Workshop on tales continued.  Reading: Luke, Carver, Wilde, Tolstoy, Pritchett

T 9/14 Due: parable, legend updated (400-500 words). Reading: Hawthorne, LeGuin.
R 9/16 Workshop

T 9/21 Workshop. Reading: Babel, Colette.
R 9/23 Reading: Davis, Greene, Phillips

T 9/28 Due: 1st person narrative (500-600 words). Reading: Steinbeck, T. Wolff
R 9/30 Workshop

T 10/5 Workshop. Reading: Updike, Viramontes
R 10/7  Due:  Story One (see guide);   Reading:  Houston

T  10/12  Workshop. 
R  10/14  Workshop.  Gordimer, Malamud

Friday,  10/15   Midterm:  Portfolios should be turned in at my office (Carnegie 201) by 5 p. m.

T  10/19  Reading:   Mansfield, Munro
R  10/21  Reading:    Due:  Story Two 

T  10/26  Fall Break
R  10/28  Workshop.  Reading:  Boyle

T  11/2   Workshop on Story 2.  Reading:  Thurber, Oates.
R  11/4   Due:  Story Three   [discussion  leaders]

T  11/9   Workshop. 
R  11/11  Workshop:  Point of View

T  11/16  Workshop  
R  11/18  Workshop

T  11/23  Reading: Atwood, Cheever, Paley   Due:  Story Four
R  11/25  Thanksgiving

T  11/30   Workshop:  Discussion Leaders
R  12/2   Workshop

T  12/7  Reading:  Welty, Nabokov (with commentaries that follow the stories); Finishing up.

Friday 12/10  Portfolios Due, 5 p. m.

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