Appalachian Literature

ENGL 213-01: Spring Semester 2005 MWF 11-11:52, Dana 116
Robert Love Taylor
Office: Carnegie 201
Hours: MWF 1-2 and by appointment.

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This course focuses on twentieth-century fiction by writers of the southern Appalachian mountains. Their work portrays Appalachian life sometimes in harshly realistic terms, sometimes lyrically, lavishly, from perspectives ranging (sometimes wildly) from comic to tragic and all points in between.
      In addition to our primary purpose of reading fiction as literary art, we will try to comprehend the richness of the southern Appalachian region, past and present, raising the question of how the culture of that region, as presented in art and other forms, differs from the larger, more familiar, mainstream American culture. In the process, we should learn something of the power of oral tradition, of regional folklore, of community, isolation, and the human spirit.



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