Living Art, Making Fiction

ENGL 090-03 Fall Semester 2004

MWF 11:00-11:52; O'Leary 309
R 7:00-8:52 Common Hour (varied locations)
Robert Love Taylor
Hours MWF 2:00-3:30 or by appointment
Office: Carnegie 201

This is an introductory creative writing course that combines writing with reading. We will try to understand what the art of writing fiction teaches us about art generally, and the ways that art, whether fiction or film or painting or music or photography, reflects life.

Weekly exercises in the craft of narrative art will be supplemented by readings in short fiction and one novel. Two days of the week will generally be set aside for classroom discussion of your work. One day will be reserved for analysis of the reading assignments. I encourage individual conferences. The Arts College common hours on Thursday evenings will introduce you to aspects of other arts.

The books we'll use are: Ernest Hemingway's The Garden of Eden [Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0684804522 (paper)] and Forty Short Stories: A Portable Anthology [Bedford/St. Martin's, ISBN 0-312-25912-3].

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