Studies in American Literature:
Appalachian Literature
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Some Guidelines for Revising Rough Drafts

1. Is the thesis stated clearly and concisely? Is it sharply focused? Does it avoid overgeneralization and get swiftly to the point? (as a test, try to paraphrase it)

2. Does each paragraph relate to the thesis and support it?

3. Are paragraphs (and ideas) adequately developed?

4. Are ideas logically arranged so that one paragraph follows clearly and understandably from another?

5. Does the essay include adequate evidence or examples (such as specific quotations from the stories) to support and illustrate the various points?

6. Does the essay have a clear, convincing conclusion? (Hint: avoid the kind of conclusion that begins, "In conclusion," and then merely restates your thesis. It's all right to suggest further questions that your thesis might raise--as long as you don't imply that those further questions would have made a better essay than the one you've just written!)

7. Are there mechanical errors (spelling, punctuation, diction, sentence structure)? Are quotations handled properly? A good review of punctuation may be found online at