A Novel about the Taylors of Tennessee

Fiddle and Bow: A Novel

by Robert Love Taylor

A Reunion on the Chucky, 1923

Fiddle and Bow, published in 1984 by Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, is a "novel-in-stories," each story focusing on a member of the Tennessee Taylor family. Beginning with General Nathaniel Greene Taylor, whose Tennessee company almost made it to the Battle of New Orleans in the War of 1812, and concluding with the author's father traveling back to Tennessee in 1932, this unusual novel also features a section on the Tennessee War of the Roses, the 1886 gubernatorial election in which the brothers Robert Love Taylor and Alfred Alexander Taylor ran against each other, Bob the Democrat, Alf the Republican. The author's grandfather, Baxter Taylor, and his great-grandfather, James Patton Taylor, also figure prominently in the book. A portfolio of family photographs is included. In the above photograph, the author's father is the boy slightly left of center, toward the front, eating watermelon. My grandfather, Baxter, is fourth from the right in the back row, and standing next to him, in a broad-brimmed white hat, is Uncle Alf, who would have just finished his term as governor.

Although out of print and rare, the book is available in many libraries, or through Amazon, or directly from the author. For further information, email to Robert Love Taylor.

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