Martin Pinkney Wiseman

Martin Pinkney Wiseman

Born September 15, 1887, Waveland, Arkansas. Died July 29, 1965, Oklahoma City

My mother's father, Martin Wiseman was the oldest child of James Monroe Wiseman and Laura Bailey Wiseman. Early in 1917, twenty-nine years old, he moved to Oklahoma City with his wife Nancy Jane, his three-year old daughter Merle, and his infant son Granville Leroy. The son, always referred to by my mother as "Little Brother," died within weeks of their arrival. Martin took him back to Arkansas and buried him in the family graveyard.

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Martin and Nancy, c. 1930, and Ora Lee, my mother's "lost sister," who married Alex Hutton in 1936. They had a daughter, Beverlee, born in 1940. Ora Lee died in 1943 of an infection in her throat. She was twenty-three.

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