Willie Merle Wiseman

Mother, age 23

She was called Merle. The name Willie was given her by her father in honor of a friend, and I never heard anyone call her that until she lay dying in the hospital and the nurses, naturally, used her first name. Her astonishing beauty did not diminish with age. Born September 29, 1914, in Arkansas, died September 20, 1999, in Oklahoma City. She came to Oklahoma City the same year as my father, 1917. Her father, Martin Pinkney Wiseman, gained employment at the new packing plant. She attended Capitol Hill High School. There were early romances, of course. She met my father when she was working in Kerr's Department Store. An innocent flirtation, no doubt. But he was in love. She had another serious romance going on. Ah, what a story, if I could only tell it right. There were three children from this marriage.

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