Nancy Jane

She was our mother's mother, our Nanaw. A strong woman, she outlived her husband Martin P. Wiseman by almost seventeen years, though the last several years she lived in a nursing home in Nevada, Missouri. It was hard for her to leave her home at 817 S. W. 33rd Street in Oklahoma City, where she had raised her children and then raised a granddaughter, Beverlee Hutton, who was the daughter of Ora Lee, and who took care of her during her last years in Missouri. She and Martin had four children, three daughters and a son. The son, Granville Leroy, died in infancy, shortly after the family moved to Oklahoma City from Arkansas in 1917. Ora Lee, the middle daughter, died in 1943 at the age of twenty-three. My mother, Willie Merle, was the oldest, born September 29, 1914, in Waveland, Arkansas. Marian Faye Ormiston, the youngest daughter, was born on October 13, 1928, in Oklahoma City. Mother's affections were aligned more powerfully to her father, likely because Nanaw was the enforcer of discipline, but I remember her as a sweet and loving person. For a time, after her stroke, she could only say the word "no," and then, toward the end, the word became "yes."

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