My Young Grandmother and her Sisters, c. 1900

How handsome, how smart they look!  Nanette looks almost defiantly flirtatious, the bold one of the Thomas girls, apparently.  According to her brother, John Theophilus, Jr., she was the intelligent one.  Millicent, two years older than my grandmother Love, standing alongside her, seems modest in comparison, but with a trace of a smile--and she would die not long afterwards, in April of 1901, two weeks short of her twenty-sixth birthday.  Mamie, in the center, seems the serious one, even a little grim.  My grandmother, Love, fixes her gaze on the buxom Belle. Love was the youngest of the daughters (b. 1882, d. 1968), about eighteen at the time of this photograph.  The inscription above her head was made by my father.