The Wiseman Family of Arkansas and Oklahoma


James Monroe Wiseman: a photograph of my great grandfather (also pictured at right), with information about his family.

Nancy Jane Marshall Wiseman: three photographs of Nanaw Wiseman, my mother's mother, one taken when she was in her thirties, the others in her seventies and eighties.

Martin Pinkney Wiseman: a photograph of Granddad Wiseman as a young man; one of him with Nancy Jane, c. 1930, and a picture of Ora Lee, their second daughter.

Merle and Ora Lee: Mother and her sister Ora Lee, in a photograph taken about 1923 or 1924.

Mother at age 23: A photograph of Willie Merle Wiseman--aka Merle Taylor, Merle Davis.

Mother in about 1945: She would have been about thirty years old.

Some early romances: Woody, Harry, and Howard, and a story about the courtship of Robert L. Taylor.

A Second Honeymoon: Merle and Bob in Las Vegas, 1947

Merle and Bob with Nancy Wiseman: Nanaw Wiseman visiting Mother and Daddy at their new house on N. W. 43rd Street.

Merle and Jimmy: Mother with my stepfather James Davis, at their apartment complex, c. 1994

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