Steve Jordan

In October and November, 1999, I spent three weeks collecting damselflies and true bugs in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia.
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Lunch with guides Ricky and Toran above the Marquesan 
capital of Taiohae on the island of Nuku Hiva, October 1999.
Herman Melville spent time in the Taipi Valley of Nuku Hiva.
The Aranui runs three week supply excursions to the Marquesas from Tahiti.  Here it offloads supplies in Nuku Hiva's Comptrolleur Bay destined for Taipi Village.
The third major canyon of southern Nuku Hiva is Hakaui.  It was once full of people, but now scarcely a dozen residents maintain the park-like mouth of the valley.
The Terre Deserte of Nuku Hiva.  In general, the western sides of the 
Marquesas are leeward and thus much drier than the eastern sides. 
View from the summit of the southern island of Tahuata.
 Vaitahu bay on Tahuata was the first site of European contact with Marquesans in 1595.  Dozens of Marquesans were killed in that encounter.
 The town of Vaitahu, Tahuata.
Canoes on the waterfront of Vaitahu, Tahuata.
The statue on the church at Vaitahu is an outstanding example of Marquesan sculpture.  The Christ Child is holding a breadfruit.