T. Michael Toole, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

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My Class of 1956 Lectureship presentation in February 2010.

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Interested in a summer internship or permanent position in construction? Click here to be taken to the Moles Career Connection website, which contains a list of mostly heavy civil and commercial construction, construction management, and design-build firms who are looking for students like you. If you are looking for an internship in building construction in the Philly, Baltimore and DC areas, email me and I may be able to connect you with alumni working for firms who like to hire Bucknell students.

Copies of papers that are not readily available in case you are interested. Pre-typeset versions of all other publications are available on Research Gate.

Toole, T. M., J. Gambatese and D. Abowitz (2011). “Owners’ Role in Facilitating Designing for Construction Safety.” Research report submitted to the CPWR/NIOSH.

Toole, T. M. and G. Carpenter (2011).  “Prevention through Design: An Important Aspect of Social SustainabilityProceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Design and Construction.  Kansas City, MO, March 23-25, 2011.

Toole, T. M. and R. Marshall (2006). “Designing for Geoconstruction Safety.” Invited paper presented at the ASCE “Trends Affecting the Geo-Community” workshop held in Reston, VA December 5-8, 2006.

Toole, T. M. (2006). "A Primer on Social Science Research Methods in Construction." Proceedings of the ASCE-CIB specialty conference on Leadership in Construction, May 4-6, 2006. (This was expanded into a January 2010 article in the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.)

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Toole, T. M., Task and Environmental Uncertainty and the Adoption of Technological Innovations by Home Builders. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, M.I.T. 1994. Dissertation body. Dissertation appendices.