Zachary Scherr

Visiting Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Bucknell University

Bucknell University
Department of Computer Science
335 Dana Engineering Building
Lewisburg, PA 17837

Office: 311 Dana Engineering Building
Office Phone: 570-577-1276

Here is my Curriculum Vitae.


I do most of my research in the areas of arithmetic geometry and arithmetic dynamics, although I like to dabble in various other subjects. My graduate adviser was Michael Zieve.


In addition to research, I also enjoy writing expository papers on interesting mathematics I've thought about. Unless otherwise noted all of these papers should be accessible to advanced undergraduates and above. These papers are for fun, and should not be considered as research mathematics.

More to come!


Previously at Penn I've taught:

While at Michigan I've taught:

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In my free time I enjoy playing bridge. In the summer of 2009, four Michigan students and I won the Grand National Teams in flight C. You can read about it here. In the summer of 2012, my team and I won the 0-1500 Spingold National Teams event. You can read about our win here

Before getting serious about bridge, I bowled for my high school and college teams, and played classical double bass (although I still dabble in bluegrass, rock, jazz and klezmer).

I was also a counselor at the Ross Program for a number of years. This is a wonderful experience for high schoolers to come and learn about the theory of numbers through experimentation, conjecture and proof.